Bahama Hurricane Shutters Deliver Year Round Value

Bahama shutter for hurricane

Bahama shutters are affordable and strong

Strong and affordable while offering a few year-round benefits, “Bahama shutters” may be the best all around solution for many homes.

We measure, supply, and install bahama hurricane shutters on homes and businesses.

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Main Benefits of Bahama Shutters

  • Very reasonable cost (on the lower end of options)
  • Exceptionally easy to “activate” for a storm
  • Large missile impact resistant
  • Provide shade for home and help with cooling
  • Adjustible from closed to wide-open
  • No tools required to use
  • Year around sun shade and energy cost savings
  • Deter theft and burglaries when not at home/business
  • Give an “island look” to a home or business

Made of extruded aluminum, Bahama-style hurricane shutters are strong and durable.  It’s not likely you will need to replace one unless it takes a direct hit from debris — and the brunt of the damage — during a storm.  You should always replace a window protection device after a direct hit just as you would replace a motorcycle helmet after a crash.

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Bahama Shutters for hurricane protection

Bahama Shutters offer year-round value

Many Colors and Styles

Bahama shutters are available in numerous colors and styles and they can be painted an exact color to match your existing siding or trim.

Benefits All Year Long

Even aside from the extra insurance they provide during the hurricane season, for many people the greatest thing about Bahama hurricane shutters is that they deliver value all year long in at least two ways:

Excellent Crime Deterrents:  you can leave your home or business alone overnight of for weeks knowing that your locked Bahama shutters add one more layer of protection. What thief would choose the house with an extra layer of protection to get through?

Shade & Insulation:  Bahama shutters offer a little shade to keep the heat out of your home or business. This extra shade pays off in energy savings.

Free Estimates

Call 1 (800) 353-5018 or contact us online for a free estimate for your bahama hurricane shutters. We provide complete measuring and installation. 


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