Hurricane Panels, Low Cost and Super Durable Window Protection

galvanized hurricane panels

Cost-Effective & Easy to Install

Hurricane panels are an economical option for businesses and homes in Houston, Galveston, and along the Texas Coast who want strong, effective hurricane window protection and low installation cost.

We measure, supply, and install hurricane panels on businesses and homes. Call 1 (800) 353-5018 or contact us online for a free estimate

Three Types of Hurricane Panels

Hurricane panels are available in clear vinyl, aluminum, and galvanized steel.

  • The translucent vinyl 6” and 12” panels allow light into your home or business before, during, and after a hurricane.
  • The .040” .050” and .060” aluminum hurricane panels carry statewide product approval.
  • The galvanized steel hurricane panels with rolled safety edges are tested for large missile impact to SSTD-12, A.S.T.M. E1886 and E1996 standards (ultra light .018” (28 gauge), and .023” (24 gauge) ).

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Why Choose Hurricane Panels

clear hurricane panels

Clear Hurricane Panels for Light and/or Permanent Use

The benefits of hurricane panels are simple:

  • Strong — they meet statewide hurricane panel requirements.
  • Low Cost — hurricane panels are among the lowest cost options for hurricane protection.
  • Easy to Use — your numbered panels are easy to put up before the storm, just put them up and twise on the wing nuts.
  • Easy to Store — they are light and stack (or stand) easily in a small area.
  • Allow Light — the clear panels allow light into your home or business while the electricity is out.
  • Theft Protection — hurricane panels are excellent theft deterrents.

Free Estimates for Hurricane Window Protection

We measure your windows and provide a FREE quote for the installation of your hurricane panels anywhere in the Houston and Galveston region. Call 1 (800) 353-5018 or contact us online for your free measuring and quote. 

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