Hurricane Protection Options for Windows

Here is some straightforward guidance to help you select the best hurricane protection system for your home or business’ windows.  Call 1 (800) 353-5018 or contact us online for free estimate for your home or business’ window protection.

Hurricane Protection Cost

Here is the short and sweet version of hurricane window protection cost comparison:

  • Hurricane Panels — least expensive option. Clear panels cost a little more than aluminum.
  • Bahama Shutters — more than panels but very reasonable, especially considering their benefits.
  • Hurricane Screens — a more pricey option but they are very effective and they provide shade year ’round. Additionally, you don’t have to do anything when the hurricane comes through.
  • Rolling Shutters — The most expensive option but they are easy to use and very strong.

Ease of Use (Labor Required to Use)

When the skies get grey, which hurricane window protection is the easiest to “activate”?

  • Hurricane Screens — the easiest by far since they are always “on.”  (zero labor required)
  • CLEAR Hurricane Panels — as easy as screens when left on.  Some people leave these on year-round, especially on 2nd floors. (no labor required)
  • Bahama Shutters — second easiest.  You just have to release the lever or support and lock them. (labor is like closing a window)
  • Rolling Shutters — 3rd easiest but easier if you have electric rolling shutters which roll up or down with the push of a button. Manual rolling shutters use a level which you turn to roll them up or down which is still very simple. (labor ranges from pushing buttons to turning a handle)
  • Hurricane Panels — requires some work. The panels are numbered so you can match the right panel to the right window where the studs are already in place. You place the panel over the studs and tighten down the wing-nuts. (labor requires lifting panels into place and screwing on wing-nuts)

Overall Strength

This one is harder to say but we think it is something like this:

  • Rolling shutters = hurricane panels = Bahama shutters
  • Hurricane screens (but still amazingly strong)

Primary Benefits of Each Option

At the end of the day, you can break down the benefits of each hurricane window protection option like this:

  • Hurricane Panels — Lowest cost option for strong protection. Clear hurricane panels can be left on and they allow light in during the storm and/or subsequent power outages. More about hurricane panels. 
  • Bahama Shutters — Affordable hurricane protection that also gives shade, which can help with cooling costs. Very easy to use quickly. Can also be used as theft/break-in protection. More about Bahama shutters.
  • Rolling Shutters — Almost no labor required for strong protection. Feels like “lock down mode” when they are activated. Selecting the electric version means you just press a few buttons and “whirrrrrrrrrrr” the house is protected. More about rolling shutters. 
  • Hurricane Screens — Zero labor required to use plus they offer UV protection and shade so hurricane screens can deliver savings that offset their installation costs. Your home or business is protected even if you cannot get to it before the storm. More about hurricane screens.

Free Estimates (& Help) for Hurricane Protection

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Frequently Asked Questions

You may have might have been wondering…

When is the official Hurricane Season?

Officially, the Hurricane season is from June 1st though November 30.

I want a few panels AND a few rolling shutters. Can you install both on my house/business?

Absolutely. We are happy to install whatever mix and match of window protection that best protects your building and fits your budget. This might be a great option for two story homes since you might find one window protection option ideal for downstairs and another is better — and easier to use — upstairs.

Can you cover doors, too?

Yes, we have protection solutions for all windows and doors.  In fact, you might get a bigger discount from your insurance for protecting all openings as opposed to protecting just windows.

Can you install the hurricane panels my builder left in my garage?

Yes, we will install the hurricane panel system the builder left behind. (this is fairly common because of a law that they have to sell houses with a system, though installation is not required).

Can you install my window protection while my home is being built?

Yes, we can install your window protection at any time — hopefully, before the next hurricane comes to town.

Why should I use hurricane panels instead of plywood?

That’s easy. Because fast-flying debris such as 2 x 4 will plow right through a piece of plywood but you can safely expect a hurricane panel to stop it. Plywood is simply not designed to resist impact. Plus, hurricane panels are lighter and easier to put up and take down.

Do you install panels / shutters / screens for security purposes? 

Absolutely. All of our window protection systems provide some level of security against theft and/or vandalism and, for some customers, that is the primary reason they want window protection.

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